“Get Set”

Since you have been raised to new life in Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at Gods right hand. Think about the things of heaven and not the things of earth.  Colossians 3:1




I don’t know about you but as of lately it has become a little hard for me to concentrate. Not just because of the global pandemic and social injustice at the forefront of the world. Yes, these are taking up a lot of time for many people. But they should. However, I was convicted last night while in devotion with the Lord. There were some key things that stood out to me in the midst of this passage that I know for a fact I am falling short in.

Paul reminds me that I have been raised to a new life in Christ. But it is not just the language it is the reminder. It was almost as if Paul was saying since you forgot, let me tell you where the standard is. When I say “forgot,” it’s more like Paul is saying your behavior has been less than what I would expect of you, so let me remind you Charles. We focus too much on what is in front of us at eye level but miss out totally on what is behind what we see.

He is speaking to the church of Colosse, about this new life. Paul was saying since you have been positioned with me- we must stay humble but look up. He was encouraging them and us today to remember where we are focusing our attention. What we as believers have been challenged to represent and conform too. We should be prioritizing our lives, with heaven as the goal, not the world or the attitudes and ways of the world.  If we are not stopping to reflect and make sure we are aligned with Christ we can lose sight of the goal. The sight is of upmost importance. If we do not know what we are directing our attention too we may miss the target.

When we hear the word sight what comes to your mind? Do you think about vision or seeing what is ahead of you? If so, you are on the right track for what we are discussing.  The type of sight I want us to think about is that which gives you keen vision. Like that of a sniper on a target. A sight is what a sniper looks through before zoning in on his target. He doesn’t just look through it, he sets his gaze upon. He does not lose it and never take his eyes off of it. He is set. I have heard stories that when a sniper is set on a target that oftentimes they are sitting on those for hours at a time. With no movement or concern for movement. They are affixed to the target. Nothing else matters in that moment. What about you-What is your sight set on? Is it affixed to Christ? Is your spiritual sights set to doing the will of the Father today? No matter what?

Truth be told, I have been so focused on what is around me -that honestly friend I have not looked up. I have listened to the reports of the news and looked on Instagram and Facebook. Sure, I have prayed and even read my word but, if I am being transparent, I have not truly set my sights on God and nothing else in a while. I have been about doing the work of God but not just affixed on Him. I have been slack just taking time to just be still and focus in and see Him alone.  Truly He is the real reason we are placed to do His work. I know we have careers, families and life in the midst of a pandemic going on but Get Set on Jesus Christ. If you need to reset your sights on the kingdom, do it friend.

Last thing before I let you go. When I think about a target sight I think again about the military engagement of a sniper. No this is not the focal point of this blog but it helps to make a point of focus. Have you ever heard of a sniper affix his weapon without having his sights set? Once they are locked in there is no altering that but they wait to hear the command, from who is in charge or from whom is called a spotter.  After the sniper is in position, they make sure they are in sync with the spotter and what is being accurately seen as a good target.

At this point, everything outside that sight has either disappeared and become blurry and all the focus is on the target. If you have ever been in the military or paid for lessons to attempt to teach you to learn about firearms. Instructors will always ask you on the range, do you see your front site? If you can see your front sights you are ready to take the shot. Everything else must become blurry, to include the other two rear sights you are peering through, to see your front site. Only then are you truly focused and set on what is ahead of you.

My prayer is that you will focus and forget everything else around you that can possibly be considered a distraction and affix your eyes to Christ. No this is not easy. In fact, it takes determination and focus so that the best outcome may be reached. Get Set and remember that we are here in the earth with a job to do. Paul is just reminding us to make sure that we stay on task and keep on our sights.


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The Work of a Bridge Builder” Colossians 1:9

Bridge picture

Recently while coming back from travel, I crossed a bridge that caught my attention.  This was not my first time crossing but this particular time it was a little different. I could see a glimpse below of endless deep blue water. Crossing over, I pondered not only the amount of time spent on constructing this bridge but the power of this bridge. The Lord impressed this upon me as a golden sun began to disclose itself setting to the west of me.  Think about it, the laws of gravity a bridge defies. How we drive over these daily and how is it possible? How a bridge connects two obstacles together by what appears to be effortless but we know that is not the case.  As I drove, I thought of how a bridge connects and reflecting on the Apostle Paul’s words in Colossians of how he interceded for the saints of God.

The connection between bridges and the purpose of an intercessor danced in my head. An intercessor is an intermediary between a person and God.  Those that pray on behalf of someone else. They are able to connect with God in a specific way to move in circumstances and obstacles. Just like obstacles surrounding a bridge, the bridge is able to connect that which is not to that which is. As I proceeded again the thought came, how can this bridge stay in position and defy gravity. The Lord quietly whispered because it is held together by forces which makes things move but also makes things stand still.

When I picture a bridge my first thought would not necessarily be balancing force. I never would have assumed the controlling of force being a benefit when discussing bridges.

However, many benefits of bridges lead me to realize they have a greater purpose.  We don’t really pay attention to them until we are crossing one. Even then we don’t appreciate these constant structures. A bridges purpose is to connect, span over obstacles that we cannot reach apart from them, without closing the way underneath. It is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over an obstacle-normally something that can be detrimental to cross otherwise. It connects that which is seen without distraction from what is unseen. A few examples are rivers, ravines, canyons or any other interesting gap that is too vast for us to cross alone.

Do you ever cross one and sense they have a clandestine embodiment to them? A few things about bridges. The positioning of a bridge is pertinent in connecting two specific points together. The bridge is responsible for allowing safe passage where previously it is not possible or where it is more difficult. (I know I keep saying it different ways but I want to drive that point home) A bridge that is constructed correctly has the ability to balance two main kinds of force. One type of force is compression, which is described as a pushing or squeezing that forces action inward. The other is called tension, which is described as a pulling or stretching that forces action outwardly. With these working together to bring purpose to the bridge.  Those that use the power of force to build bridges are called force balancers. Force balancers are those creating the ability of the bridge to connect obstacles to one another. I want you to think about that word for a moment, a force balancer.

I believe we have force balancers in the kingdom of God. We have those who are behind the scenes creating balance between that which squeezes or presses us and that which stretches us.  This is the duty of the Intercessor.

Friend, despite all that is going on in this world. Not much has changed since Paul informed the church of Colosse of his interceding for them. Let me ask you, who have you been assigned to intercede for? Who are you balancing the pressing and the stretching for? The strength of the intercessor is their ability to be able to consistently pray for Christ to move in a situation. When we hear or know of someone that is going through a season of being squeezed or crushed, what do we do? Do you understand your assignment or possibly what God is calling you too? Recognize you are the bridge builder in that situation. You bring balance to what appears impossible. Rejoice in the assignment that God has placed you in. You may be wondering, what does this assignment look like.  It is you standing in the gap for another person to bring them to an expected end.

One last nugget I want to point out about a bridge and how it relates to intercessory prayer. The bridge connects without closing the way underneath. Meaning it does not replace the ravine or canyon below, it just builds over it. This means the problem does not go away but the distraction is no longer there because it is covered. The bridge builder covers the problem that seems to be insurmountable making the way easier for the one who is going through. Intercessors cover others in prayer because this is what Christ has purposed them for. This is their power.

The enemy never wants us to pray for others and he definitely never wants intercession. This is where the bridge builder (you) balances the pressure, through prayer, bringing others from tribulation to crossing into victory. This is the assignment. Paul says, so we have not stopped praying for you since we first heard about you. (Colossians 1:9) We have to stop living beneath what God has called us too. Start believing that God created you to build bridges in the spiritual realm. You were put here to connect the kingdom of God to someone. We have been placed here as believers to do the work of the Father. We are not here to just live life and reap the benefits. God has given us spiritual authority to defeat the schemes of the enemy and connect the spiritual over the natural.

I have a couple of reflection questions I want you to ask yourself. Are you functioning as a bridge builder in your sphere of influence? Are you the prayer warrior that stands in the gap to balance chaos? If you are not certain seek God and ask Him. The bridge builder takes the impossible and the possible, placing them before the Father and creates balanced changed by confident, powerful prayers. We are living in times that the body of Christ needs more bridge builders. We need to build bridges that help connect God to a fallen world, so that there can be balance. Think of someone today who may need you to stand in the gap. Begin praying for their connection to the Father and for their situation to change. So many people have been created for this very purpose but are squandering that which God created you for. If this is you it is never too late to start building.


Be Encouraged,

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