“A Miracle in the making” John 6:5-10

The world as we know is facing challenges we have never seen before. We have been placed in positions that are very uncomfortable. I don’t know how true this statement is but I wonder in my mind if the world is on the brink of a new normalcy or will we go back to the way things were? This current crisis has truly awakened me to rethink my priorities and focus on what is most important. My faith has truly been put to the test but rest assured even in these trying times that are before us-we can still find Jesus in the center. We can find comfort that we will be ok even in insurmountable circumstances. I’ve noticed an increase in countless messages on a daily basis about faith in our God and turning faith into fear.  I couldn’t agree more, that during times like these this is the message that needs to be on our hearts and our mouths. I know I am praying for God to have mercy and for God to perform a miracle and intercede on our world. I am sure you are praying for the same thing. Nothing will change unless there is a divine intervention a miracle if you will. I don’t know about you but I am praying for God to do a miracle bur more importantly to do a miracle in our lives for us to get to know Jesus Christ more intimately.

The other morning the misses and I while spending devotion time with the Father on the phone. While reading over the account in John 6 when Jesus fed the multitude of five thousand. Christ does some pretty amazing things here. A situation arises. However Christ is on the scene with a few of his disciples. As we were reading there were a few things that stuck out. I wanted to share what I believe are appropriate to these times.

  • Jesus and Philip were together and Jesus poses a question to Philip. “Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?”  Jesus, already knowing the answer, was testing Philip to see what He would do in the midst of an out of control situation. Think about today, here we have a pandemic (a crisis that affects the entire world) upon us and many are asking what are we going to do? How many know that Jesus can produce a circumstance to see what His believers- those that say they trust Him- will turn to, how we respond? What are you looking too for dependency? That is possibly what the Lord is saying.
  • The scripture says in verse 9 “There is a lad (a boy) that has five loaves and two small fishes; but what are they among so many?” The 5 loaves and two fish symbolize how God can use what appears to not have much significance or ability and go above and beyond to accomplish a lot. This is where we come in. We all have something we can contribute. Not just pastors, preachers, ministers but each and every one of us who are in the situation. Yes, Jesus took what the boy had but the boy had to want to share what he had. No matter how little it appeared to be if we give in faith and belief look at what Jesus was able to do. We just have to be willing participants. What do you have that Jesus can take and use? Can you call a friend and give an encouraging word? Spend some quality time with your children during this pandemic, get closer to your spouse or significant other, help a neighbor with some groceries or post on social media a verse or sing a song. Whatever seems insignificant when Jesus gets a hold, it becomes much. One thing I am realizing more and more “Significance is not determined by what you think is too hard for God but how available you are willing to be used by God.”


  • And Jesus said, “Make the men sit down.” Make them stop and see how I will take natural means to fix a spiritual problem. Before Jesus performed the miracle he had everyone sit down which could represent a few things.
  1. Before he met the need He made everyone stop! No matter who, what demographic, background, culture, gender, occupation, social status, ability, belief or religion- all of us have had to stop. The world has stopped not just a continent or a country but the World.
  2. Before He met the need He made the focus consistent. The sitting down was symbolic of something expected. One definition of to sit was to become. I thought that was pretty powerful. They were one way before they sat but once Jesus had them sit they became something else. The scripture describes the group as a “multitude” which is just a fancy word for a crowd of misguided people in one place. The state of the world is just a group of people in a pandemic that are trying to figure things out but Jesus has already stepped in the situation. If we just sit down and wait for the uncompromising Lord to come in and do what only He can do all will change.


I challenge you today to “sit down” and stop and see what the Lord is up to in the midst of what appears to be an overwhelming circumstance. Really He is just waiting for us to give Him the floor. And watch Him work his miracle again.


Be encouraged family