F.O.C.U.S Proverbs 4:25

“Focus on what is ahead, Let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you.”


camera lens


I can remember when I bought my first camera. It was a Canon Powershot SD7960. Man was I excited.  I was looking forward to capturing pictures of my kids so we could look back years later and reflect.  When I first started using my new toy, many of the moments I captured while out my family didn’t come out clear. The pictures were blurry. I didn’t have a clear understanding of how to use “auto focus” on the camera.  Once I finally decided to read the manual, instantly my world changed (I mean my photos changed).  “Auto focus” was my new favorite feature. My photos were of the caliber of Annie Liebovitz and Ansel Adams-you could not tell me anything different!

Learning how to “focus” the lens was the changing factor for my photos.  Without the focus, my ability to capture memories and see clearly through the lens was impaired.  I was distracted by the blurriness. After adjusting the settings, the “auto focus” corrected my issue so that I was able to take a clear picture. I think it is interesting how a camera can capture everything through the lens, but it’s not until the focus is set correctly that the intended target becomes clear.

Friend, focus is necessary in almost every aspect in our lives. With focus we can accomplish some amazing feats but without it we can miss out on some great opportunities.  Just like the camera lens, without focus it is hard to determine what you are really are capturing.  Webster defines, focus as “fixing on a central point or that which is considered the central point of attention.”  Focus improves clarity of the things we envision.  It helps us to identify what is most important and improves our decision making.  Think about it-when you are driving in the rain we try to focus our vision because it is not as easy to see in unclear conditions.   Oh yes focus allows us to be more effective and gives us perspective that is simplified.

Focus is instrumental in our Christian walk because it allows us to hone in on the direction we are headed. Just like with my camera lens, when I focused I was able to develop a clearer picture.   Proverbs 4:25 tells us to “focus on what’s ahead and let your eyes look directly forward.” It gives us the blueprint to reach our goals; fixing our eyes on that which is ahead. The passage’s description of “eyes” involves our entire being. We must fix our whole being on the goal of moving forward family. We must commit our ways to the Lord in order to reach our goals.

How important is focus to our walk? You know this walk is not easy. In fact it requires total focus and that does not always come without struggle.  Archery is an interesting sport that involves aiming an arrow at a target.  The best archers will tell you if define the target and forget the arrow you will hit dead center every time.  In other words, if our focus is not on the proper target you will miss every time. The distracting images in our view will draw us away from the target when the archer releases the arrow.  This is why you must define the target and not follow the arrow. When we allow other things (distractions) to consume our lives we drift away from the Creator.  We must fix our eyes on the Lord not on our situations.  If we focus on the situation we will have focused on the wrong thing. We must set our sights on the right target and understand when we have F.O.C.U.S you cannot be distracted.

F – Faithful to the Lord in all things

O – Obedient to the Spirit’s direction

C – Committed to deny the flesh

U – Unwavering dedication

S – Sacrifice

If we strive to have F.O.C.U.S every day and really do what is required, I believe that we can accomplish the work Jesus waits for us to do.  With so  much happening in the world today, (i.e. US and Iran, rumors of wars, our President and other coverage in the Oval office, to the Body of Christ breaking down on the front lines of the church) we need to regain our F.O.C.U.S.  The kingdom of God needs us to stay the course and not grow weary while keeping our outlook out in front of us.

Be encouraged


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