“Hold Your Ground” Judges 7:21

“Each man stood at his position around the camp and watched as all the Midianites rushed around in a panic, shouting as they ran to escape.” 

hold your ground


Here we are again well into the 2019 NFL football season. Tickets have been purchased, the team jerseys are out of the closet and the trash talking has begun!

Every Sunday, Monday or Thursday night our favorite teams take to the field and give (what we hope to be, their best). Each player on the offensive and defensive line holds a significant position for each team.

Position is defined as:

  • A particular way in which someone or something is placed or arranged.
  • A place where someone or something is located or has been put.
  • A point of area occupied by a physical object that takes up calculated space.

Position is important especially on the field.  But why? If we’re not in position, then we can miss “our responsibility” to play our part or our mission can be unsuccessful. The right position allows us to know-what we are to be doing so that we know we are placed correctly to handle that which we are to control.

How many of us feel we are doing a good job of holding our position? Position is larger than just your influence… remember it is for an overall plan to be met.

Position is what God has given us. It is important that we not only know and take heed to our position for the kingdom of Christ, but we must also understand: (1) The importance of knowing your assignment (2) The Importance of staying in position and (3) The importance of holding your ground.  All three of these aspects are important in the NFL or any sports arena. But they also correlate to our significance in the kingdom of God. It is something that if we take hold of we can spread to others as a plumb line to where we are with Christ.

The importance of knowing your assignment. We have to hold our ground for the kingdom. This is a spiritual battle that we are fighting. Satan is the opponent and we are on the winning team.  YOU ARE PERTINENT TO THE BATTLE BEING FOUGHT. We always talk about it and we say it but do we truly treat our POSITION as such?  Do you know that you have a significant position in the EARTH–that what you are doing right now is the most important thing you can do for the Kingdom of God.

How do we know our assignment? Romans 12:4-5 – We all are connected as ONE just as the football team is connected to each other… We all have a part to do. The enemy wants to divert us away from our assignment because if that is done- we can be defeated.

We must know the Importance of Staying in Position. Our text reads, “Each man held his place around the camp.” This can also be translated as, “He held his place or his position”. These men knew where they needed to be.  Can you imagine if the left tackle left his post and tried to do what the running back was meant to do? Who would block for the running back- who would open the hole or block so no one would get through.  Every position is key in Christ’s kingdom. Your position is key in the entire plan.  No position is greater or less. They are all equal. We must know that we have to stay in position. No excuses.  *When position is not held we lose ground, momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

We must (Hold our Ground) commit to the assignment completely in order for it to be done correctly. WE HAVE TO BE ALL IN!! 

Judges 7:16-18 “Gideon divided the three hundred men into three companies: He gave each man a trumpet and an empty jar, with a torch in the jar. He said, “Watch me and do what I do. When I get to the edge of the camp, do exactly what I do. When I and those with me blow the trumpets, you also, all around the camp, blow your trumpets and shout, ‘For God and Gideon!

These men never questioned their assignment. Imagine being told you would be fighting a battle with a trumpet and a torch in a jar. Nevertheless, they were committed to the job – not their own agenda.  They didn’t know the size of the army they were going up against but they were committed to face and deal with it. Are we willing to face and deal with the obstacles that are before us or do we prioritize them based on the level of adversity?

Today I challenge you friend to hold your ground and keep pushing. Recognize that your assignment for the Kingdom of Christ is necessary.  You are someone that matters and can make a difference – no matter what you feel or what the enemy tries to whisper in your ear. You have a position! Take that and stand firm on it. Knowing that when you hold your position the enemy does not win.

Be encouraged…





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