“Uncompromising” 1 Samuel 17:38-40

Have you ever been in a situation that you were not comfortable operating in because of where someone else wanted to place you?

  •  Or maybe your supervisor wanted you to do something that would be compromising of your position.
  • Or maybe someone wanted you to do something that was compromising of your beliefs?
  • Perhaps a friend is giving an opinion of someone else but you do not agree with the opinion. What would you do? Would you just go along with it? Or would you say something?

I work on the corporate side of America and I am thinking about when I have to address a group of people and how in my head I go through apprehension of trying to find a way to relate to them but then the Lord whispers to me do what has been proven to you. So I do what is comfortable to me and before you know it- there is a peace and all is well. I don’t attempt to address the group as someone else would or do what works for someone else.  There is a thought in the few verses above that I want to talk about, if that is alright.

David could not go in the armor that Saul wanted him to fight in because it was not what he was comfortable with. He had not tested or attempted to fight in it. Saul attempted to make David do as everyone else was doing on the battlefield by putting the armor on but David recognized that he was proven by the Father and that which he was going to fight in was what he had been comfortable in.  The armor was what everyone else was doing but that was not for him. Christ needs us to be willing to be different and not be afraid to be different. People may try to make you fit their plan but stay focused on that which God has given you to do and why you are there.

It reminds me that the atmosphere does not dictate you – you are the atmosphere changer.  Family, we don’t have to feel intimidated by our environment because we are that which should change it, let it not change us. I just want you to stop and get that in your spirit, you are an “atmosphere changer“.  I say this but I too have to realize that I must be uncompromising with my walk and who God created me to be.

I would be remissed if I acted as if I have it all together and at times I question whether my worth or actions exemplify this of the Father at all. Just sitting here saddened and humbled by how I do not act in this manner in all circumstances.  I am asking the Lord to give me the boldness to look beyond what I see in the natural and recognize my purpose and you too!! Atmosphere changer we must be uncompromising.

One more thing I want to say about this scripture that is significant to me… instead of the armor, David picked up five smooth stones from a stream and put them in his shepherd’s bag. His weapon of choice was that which was comfortable in his environment as a sheep herder- because the enemy did not matter and he understood they would fall the same as anything he had confronted before.   Here he is about to face a giant (that he has not even seen yet) remember he is still talking to Saul but he was not intimidated by that which he had not seen. It does not matter what is before you if you have the Lord with you. 

I know sometimes when I have tried to face something in my own way and not that which has been proven it never turns out good. Whether it is in a disagreement, misunderstanding concerned about my sons or a situation they are in- when I confront it in a manner different than what I know works -may not be five smooth stones but with the Lords help all things we can be uncompromising.   That is good to me because that which is before us does not matter if you have the uncompromising King of Kings on your side and fighting with and for you.


Be blessed family…

One thought on ““Uncompromising” 1 Samuel 17:38-40

  1. Aaaaaaamen! That’s good stuff. We dare not compromise with the enemy. You can go ahead and preach that one! Continue to walk in integrity my brother. I know for a fact I’ve seen you do it plenty of times . Thanks for the Blessed Word!


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