“Chain Busters” Mark 5:1-5

This is not a typical blog that I would normally write but it was somewhat impressed upon me to writ about. I pray you open with an open mind and it blesses you. I would say please read the text first-this was birthed out of a preaching engagement about a week or so ago.

Focusing on verse 4, “Whenever he was put into chains and shackles- as he often was-he snapped the chains from his wrists and smashed the shackles. No one was strong enough to subdue him.”

There is something about chains that give us a sense of security or extra protection, whether it is on our shed, or on a fence or a house-it represents something that is secure.  Sometimes we use chains to tie things down or hold things together- because normally they are made out of metal or a stronger material. However, in this text there is more to the chain than meets the eye.

Chains have a common purpose that represents things that are created to keep something in place however in this passage they were no longer valuable to this man.  They were no longer valuable to the man who was living among dead things even though they served a purpose.  The chains could no longer restrain. Restrain is defined as to hold back from or control in doing something. Holding back by force or persuasion from acting or going to extremes. Interesting thing is this man was so comfortable in his sinful state that which was to keep him together was not able too.  How about you today?  The thing that you are trying to break free from is the very thing to keep you on the right path.  Are you a chain buster? Chain busters don’t follow laws, rules or regulations. They live by their own terms, reckless and careless.  Guess what we have them in the church or in the body of Christ too.  Your pastor says he wants to implement bible study or prayer meeting at a different time- you are the chain buster. The pastor wants to make some changes to the church- you are a chain buster. If you don’t think so and feel you are just expressing yourself-may just want to do a self check of motives.

In this text, physically those around him tried to put a tangible solution on a spiritual problem. We often times deal with surface but never confront the source of the confusion. One translation says this man was tormented- means that he was constantly unsettled. Do you know anyone that this describes? Always unsettled or seems to be bothered by one thing or another? The unsettling could be for many reasons.  Why is that child so angry? Why is he so negative when he comes into the office? She is always complaining about something? She is such a bitter person -wonder what her deal is?

What is the point? This demon possessed man was living in a dead place (the cemetary) and was comfortable. The very thing that was supposed to restrain or keep self control in place is the very thing he was fighting to break free from. Christ met this man where he was where he was in his dead state and confronted him and freed him. Others had been coming trying to bind him and subdue him but were unsuccessful- the difference is when the power is from above and not just our own. We do not have the power to restrain or free anyone but with the power of the Holy Spirit- we are more than conquerors.  Is this just like the church at times- we come in dead and are comfortable where we are and have been trying to get free for a long time but not until we truly have an encounter with Christ does change ever come. Do not be a constant Chain buster” but be freed above the chain.

Be blessed…


“Self Check” 1 John 3:1-3

This week I thought I would do something different with the blog post. I said I was just going to write what was on my heart. So I wanted to share from an experience that happened this week at work.  Oftentimes as believers we do get challenged (or tested) to see how we will react to situations. Sometimes they are brought on by the Father and other times they are just “life scenarios” that really are here to allow us to gauge where we are in this walk with Jesus Christ.

You know people are always watching to see how we are going to respond in situations and one of the most famous phrases that can be heard is, “And you are supposed to be a christian.”  Well we have to guard our heart and spirit from going to a place where our representation is questionable. It is not often easy or popular to follow “the Narrow way” but it is the only way that leads to a truly blessed life.  I sometimes reflect on times past on circumstances that have been the fruit of my labor but I must admit my labor was not all good.  Meaning that some of the things that I planted did not bring forth a good crop and I was not pleased for what came forth. But I am grateful for the opportunity to attempt to turn those things around. My representation for Christ was not always real or truly committed in the way He wanted me to be as a believer.  Just recently I was confronted with something by the Lord and it challenged me to truly do a self check of me. Ever been there?  I questioned if I had handled a situation correctly and wanted to make sure that my heart was clean about it.

You see we must be honest with God in order for true revelation to take place.  Think about this the Lord already knows anyway so why attempt to fool an all knowing God that waits patiently for you to confess or admit our wrong. The way I reacted to the situation due to someone making  a comment to me is what led to the self check.  My true desire is to be pleasing to the Father and to make sure I am representing Him and His kingdom well, here on earth.

We are ambassadors for Christ and we must hold the standard not for our own namesake but for His.  The ambassador never goes to another country representing himself/herself but they go representing their country. So let us make sure we are representing the kingdom well and make sure you are doing the self check to see where work is needed.

Be blessed family…