“The Right Tools” Exodus 4:1-5

I had the opportunity to serve in a way that inspired this post. A friend of mine had moved into their home recently and the yard needed some work – in fact, the yard had been vacant for almost 9 months, so you can imagine the growth in the back yard. There were trees that had overgrown the fence, shrubbery and numerous weeds had taken over what appeared to have been the makings of a garden. So when I arrived it was a bit overwhelming, at first, but I had some tools that I had brought with me from my house. And I can remember when I arrived the statement they said to me, “Oh it looks like you have the right tools to take care of the job.” So as I began to pull weeds, and dig out brush and even run the lawn mower in the yard to help defeat the overgrown brush I began to see the change in the landscape. I was so glad that I had brought my tools to assist in the work.  Kind of was chewing on two things, without the proper tools I would not have been able to effectively finish the task and with the “right tools” no job is too great because the tools serve a particular purpose.

Another observation, the tools are not effective until they are being used for that which they were created. I had bought with me a set of tree shears, an ax, a ho and some weed killer but if I never picked them up and use them nothing would take place. They have to be used in the right capacity. I love that. In the back of the yard there were some overgrown tree limbs and I had attempted to try and prune them back with the tree shears. Too my surprise, the limbs were to thick and strong for the shears (and actually broke the teeth) but I had an ax in my possession and I was able to cut the tree limbs down.  The interesting twist is that I was not going to bring the – I had thought, at first, to leave it and did not think it would serve purpose. I was so wrong and that is just how our Father sees us – He knows even when we do not know what is needed for every task. The right tool, the ax,  was in my hand and I completed the task almost effortlessly.

In our text with Moses, the Lord has called him to a thing that seems insurmountable to his own ability but God has equipped him with the tools to get the job done.  Moses thought the task was too great for him but the Omniscient one understood and had a plan. We have to trust the plan and know that as long as the “right tools” are in possession any job will get done. For example, when I was taking account of the yard that needed some work and how it looked when I first began but when I put the tools to use- the yard began to take shape. The scripture says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13  

The other side of the text is Christ puts us into service to be utilized as “the right tool?” You see friend, Moses was the “right tool” but by his own default he did not see himself as such.  How many know that as long as the tool is in the hand of one who knows how to wield it it will fulfill purpose.  God had pulled Moses on the scene and had purposed him with the task at hand – and he was perfect for the job but because of his own lack of trust- the tool (Moses) did not think he was right for the job. If only we see as he sees what a difference it would make?  The disciples were able to reach the masses because they were willing to be the “right tool.”  Christ has created each and every one of us with and for a purpose – do not miss that which Christ believes to do with you.  Submit to His will and see the rewards of being used in His kingdom.  We have been selected to serve in a capacity greater than just existing but will we use the right tool and will we become the right tool, when called on?  That is the challenge.

I am so glad that the Father does not show us all that is in store – because just like Moses we may second guess and try to make excuses but all Christ wants to hear is your yes. The right tool will always be effective no matter how great the circumstances.  When I looked at the brush in the back of that yard on last Saturday- it looked tough at first but then I remembered I had the “right tools”.

Be blessed

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