“The Big Comeback” 1 Peter 5:10

A popular term in “boxing” or just the sport arena period is “the underdog”.  The underdog is described as the loser or predicted loser in a contest. However, many people like to hear of the underdog coming back to be on top.  We like underdogs because they give us a sense of confidence in that individual. Perhaps it is the tenacity that they possess, or the confidence in overcoming obstacles or maybe it is the drive that keeps them pressing. Whatever it is, these individuals do not give up because of something deep inside of them that will not allow them to just bow down and succumb to what is before them.

Throughout history, there have been countless heroes and underdogs that had the courage to believe different than what was before them.  Oftentimes, the underdog went through relentless persecution for who they were. It is not easy to hear someone believe that you are not qualified or you are the predicted loser of a thing. This can really mess with a persons psyche -especially in the boxing arena, however, this can also be to the advantage of that boxer as well. This will/can strengthen him for the task at hand and prepare Him for what ever is next to overcome his opponent.  The underdog must be relentless and use that what arises before him to give him focus and determination.

Even in this christian walk it requires us to be relentless in our faith. This christian walk is not easy and we too can be portrayed as the underdog at times. The walk makes us submit our will to the Lord and have to take on some bumps and bruises because of that which lives inside of us, the Holy Spirit. For example, having to hold your tongue when you want to lash out, having to turn the cheek or deflect a negative word from someone else or just deal with an uncomfortable situation. All these things are seen from the worlds perspective as weak because the norm is to lash out and retaliate.  We must always understand who we are representing-not our egos, not our reputations, not ourselves but the one true God.  The reward of going through suffering for living a Christ surrendered life is worth it-denouncing sin and saying yes Jesus Christ is worth all of what we go through.  Walking for Christ will cost us a sacrifice, which is a different perspective from the norm, but it does not exempt us from trouble or pain. In fact, you will experience these in different ways when you surrender your will to His.  If you can just remember that once we have suffered – the Lord will restore, support and strengthen you and He will place us on a firm foundation. Now that is good news that we cannot always see or feel while  walking this walk.  You may feel defeated or distraught because of how this season  is looking for you. Do not be discouraged and do not give up-continue to denounce sin and press in (to press means to resist) against sin.

Yes we may appear to be the underdog because of what God is requiring of us to be considered a Christ like one but He is setting you up for the big comeback.  The text reads, “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen you, settle you.”  The Lord is letting us know that we are going to suffer for being a Christ like one, there is no getting around it. There will be temptations and trials but (as the underdog) we will come out if we keep our focus on the Lord and what He is building in the midst of what looks to be pain. Yes we all can be viewed as the underdog because of the sacrifices that we appear to give up to those in the world-but just as in the boxing arena it is about how you take that what people may believe or you may believe about yourself – and channel it to get the best outcome. Best believe that the underdog is training, studying his opponent that much more to get the results he believes he can achieve. The Big comeback can not be won by ourselves but only with “the God of all grace”. You can rest in that.

Be blessed

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