“Are you In Good Hands” Psalms 25:5

We all have seen the commercial by AllState Insurance company featuring Dennis Haysbert, and his baritone voice saying, “Your in good hands with Allstate.”  Remember that. That commercial is famous, but not only that, it lets Allstate customers know that they are protected and covered.  It gives a sense of comfort that if something does go wrong or occurs, it will be alright.  You may be one of those who jokingly repeats the famous quote to friends and family. I am not one of those in the Allstate family, however, I can relate to the statement.

We do like to feel as if we can depend on someone to have our back (if you will) or to feel as if we do have support in times of distress, it is a natural occurrence.  As much as we like to believe that friends and family will be here for us – there are times when that is not feasible.  We have to find a source of help in those troubled times other than those trusted sources that we are familiar with.  Ever feel as if you have no one to depend on when things become to overwhelming? And the reality is those times are real and that is how we do feel. Maybe you have received some unsettling news, or feeling a bit discouraged or down- or you have been emotionally, physically or mentally hurt. There is still hope.

The texts David writes or is declaring rather is him speaking with a boldness that can only come from someone that has felt the hand of God hold them or hide them.  “For in the time of trouble he shall hide me, in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me.”    Psalms 25:5   He knows that he is in good hands and can speak to what he has witnessed himself before.  This word hide in some translations reads, “cover” so he shall cover me, in his pavilion.  I do not know about you but being covered it means everything. It feels good being covered or kept from something.  When you lay in the bed you are covered by a sheet or we are covered by clothes.  This cover is important because it allows us to not be harmed. Going back to my Allstate insurance commercial- one of the services that Allstate offers is full coverage insurance. In everyday terms all that equates to is that if anything happens to your property you are covered from any type of liability and/or risk.   It covers you from various levels of liability-it is protection that we cannot afford to go without. Well just like that protection, the text is speaking of the coverage or the ability of a heavenly father to keep us-even when we can’t keep ourselves.  He covers us from all types of trouble, mishaps and unexpected events that come our way on a daily basis.  It feels good to know you are in GOOD HANDS.

It feels good to know that there is someone working on our behalf and all we have to do is rest in His hand. When worry, doubt or fear try to invade your life- rest assured that you are in GOOD HANDS.  You are being covered from all hurt, harm and danger that may try and take your mind or you out. The enemy may have traps set for us but we can be confident in the one thing that we have an advocate looking out for us. The psalmist understood and knew this to be true so he never worried about what was occurring because he was hidden by the insurer-that was going to make sure that he never was touched by any liability.

Are you in good hands? If not the lord wants to put you in good hands. If we can surrender our will to His will and be obedient to the Holy Spirits promptings then all will be fine.   Allow Him to represent you and be covered by his care and grace.  So when you are feeling overwhelmed or need encouragement. Just remember whose hands you are in.

Be Blessed

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