“Too small to be Free” Romans 6:1-2

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we say that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?”


I was meditating on this, while I was in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (Atlanta) on Sunday and I was just thinking about waking up daily and living the same way everyday.  Not changing anything to improve myself or not even thinking that I need to improve… this only can be a stagnant life and will not produce anything.  When Paul was talking about this grace, that only can come from Jesus Christ, this is what he was saying. Do not continue to live beneath what Christ has already bought for you… almost like someone purchasing a mansion for you but you are constantly treating it as your two bedroom house you came from.  The mind has not (possibly cannot) fathom living beyond where you are. We are still trapped in that same thinking.  We may live in the mansion but our thought process is still with the two bedroom home-and it shows by how we conduct our lives, how we carry out our lifestyle, how we control our character and crucify this flesh.

We do not have to stay in the small place we can break out and be free and live where we are supposed to live.  No more of this too small thinking because I can’t get beyond what I have done or been through.  Friend move out of your small houses and take on the mansion that has already been brought and paid for by our Lord.  All you have to do is move in and embrace it. The down payment was made many moons ago and now you just have to move in.

A few things about the grace down payment- Paul he is saying conduct our lives in a manner that we will not be ashamed for you.  How do you conduct yourself? Do your comparison?  Am I still acting like I know Christ paid it all for me or have I forgotten? Think about this for a minute? Jesus came so that we can have life and have it more abundantly. So why do we still act as if we don’t believe it or can’t obtain it?

When I say carry out our lifestyle- I mean how do we  take care of that which we have been entrusted with. We all have been entrusted to be stewards over our lives and to be free in Christ through grace in this life. Have you heard or seen the slogan, “I am living my best life.” Well are you? No longer do we have to be a slave to the things that we formerly were trapped by. Addictions, people, family, fads/trends, pleasing everyone, not being able to say no, just to name a few.  We can carry out a lifestyle that surpasses that of which we can imagine- we can live joyous when it seems that there is pain. We can live in a state of peace when all around is chaos.  Some may say it is not that easy and you are right- we cant do it by ourselves but if we take the first step. We can carry out this lifestyle, that Paul was speaking of in Romans 6:1.  We don’t have to be a slave to the things that keep us tied up-freedom is our portion because of the job of grace.

Remember my example earlier, we can accept the mansion and move from the two bedroom (thought process). If we would just begin to change the mind set and know that God has us and in order to be free we must get rid of the small thinking and know we have been made free.

Be blessed

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