“Roll away the stone” Mark 16:1-6

Fear can be defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain and anxiety, whether the the threat is real or imagined.

I went to a class and the topic was about fear and I thought it was so good that I wanted to share on my blog page. I pray this encourages someone. I cannot take credit for the all of this some of the points were from the instructor of the class, but I felt the Lord wanted me to share so here they are.

Most people are afraid of something and often times we don’t want to face that which we are afraid of. That very thing that we fear, can keep us immobilized and paralyzed.  Oftentimes, that thing that we are terrified of is really not that big of a deal but in our minds it is. Too someone else they may be small and insignificant but to the person going through it is huge!! I am not afraid of too many things but one thing that makes me cringe are spiders.  Spiders (too me) are the biggest creatures that when I see them sometimes in the corner of my walls in my home – I hesitate first and then quickly go to remove them. This blog is not about personal fears nor me confessing my fears (and how I pray for God to remove spiders from the earth) but this is about facing fear.

In order to overcome anything – we must confront the fear. You cannot conquer anything you will not confront. Avoidance fuels anxiety and fear.  We must face our fear because this is how we expose it and only through exposure do we reduce fear and anxiety. If I do not ever face the spider that seems to be so terrifying – I will never overcome the anxiety I feel when I see one of these eight legged creatures.

Second, we must fight our fears with faith. We must not believe what the enemy attempts to tell us by responding in faith.  We have the choice to decide how we respond to that which the enemy wants us to believe. Fear is destructive but faith creates. Fear destroys but faith produces. Fear makes us forget God and his care for us; faith helps us focus on his love and power. Just like in the text, when they came to the tomb they were afraid of what they would find but they went anyway and found the stone rolled away. Imagine if they did not go but sat in sadness and did not go to where Jesus’ tomb was?  Your faith must be bigger than your fear. Be a warrior not a worrier. Our weapon is the word of God-learn to study and find scripture that will help you overcome whatever you have to face.

Follow God’s word in spite of your fears. 1 Corinthians 15:58, one of my favorite scriptures, tells us to Don’t move, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. Don’t quit- be decisively consistent. (James 1:8) Don’t be double-minded in your thinking. We must make a decision and trust God with it and oftentimes that decision is very hard and you must believe God’s word to get you through. Whenever there is mounting fear, God calls for greater steadfastness.  It is not easy to overcome fear in our own might, because the thoughts, worry and anxiety of the unknown can get the best of us. Fear comes in many different ways friend and we don’t always know what to do but there is one source that we can always count on to be there for us, even carry us THROUGH the fear. That is reassuring to know that we have a Father that will be there for us no matter what if we will just trust him.

There was an acronym taken away from the class. (I think it is really good)

F- Faith in Gods Word and character. You must know who Jesus is and believe what His Word tells us about who he is and who we are.

A- Awareness of God’s promises. You must know the promises of God that relate to your life and your fears. Read his word to find out what he says about you.

C- Commitment to God’s conditions. You must commit yourself to the conditions and follow the life instructions God provides for us. It is the compass for a peaceful, successful life.

E- Engagement against the enemy. You must actively claim the promises of God and use them as a sword against your fears.  Fear is our enemy but we can defeat it.

Be blessed and share with someone this week…

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