The Resistance Found in Elevation

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. 4,000 people have attempted to climb but only 660 were successful. 142 people have died trying to climb this wonder of the world.  It’s height is 29,028 feet or 5 and a half miles above sea level. This is equivalent to 20 Empire State buildings. It was named after a British general Sir George Everest and its highest peak is called a summit.

I did not come to talk about Mount Everest but there is a valuable similarity when it comes to our lives, this mountain and resistance.  When we think about Mount Everest  and all those people that desired to reach the top they had to go through many adverse conditions, some controllable and some not.  This mountain is not easy to climb and the elevation reached along the way can be treacherous to the human body.  The more one reaches to higher elevations that much more resistance can be felt. I would like to believe that elevation always brings about a challenge  or unknown certainty.  I am so glad that when God gets ready to elevate us that it is not contingent on our own ability.

  1. Elevation will only come at the cost of moving from tradition to where God wants us. If you look at where you are right now in life you have two choices before you.  Either you are willing to move from where you are or you our still where you have been.  Christ desires to change your mindset, your thought process, your traditional way of doing things. Too many of us follow or are stuck in tradition as opposed to what Christ desires.  If David only believed he was destined to be a shepherd only, he never would have become the king he was created to be.  David came from a family of shepherds ( that was his tradition). Those that climbed the great mountain had to move beyond the low point (the normalcy) to get to a place where you cant see but believe that you can make it there.
  2. God will always provide help in the time of elevation.  Our elevation is always sealed by the love of the Father.   When climbing mount Everest there are various “oxygen levels” that if you are not prepared to adapt to, you could perish.  The higher the elevation the thinner the air is in which can cause suffocation without proper equipment.  No one was able to make the climb without the proper gear. In the same way, the Lord provides what we need to allow us to go through and push through to make it.  The resistance found in elevation builds us up and the Father already knows that we can make it with his help and his strength. Don’t look at what is before you but look at what God will do when he is providing for you. I am grateful for times that the Father knows best and he knew just what we need and when we need it. When the winds pickup in our lives we can rest in the fact that we have the tool that is needed to survive.
  3. People will only want to elevate you to where they are comfortable with you being.  It is so interesting that resistance can oftentimes be found in those in your closest circle. Maybe a loved one giving push back or just friction in households but if we can push through the resistance. I am reminded of how Saul kept David with him and would not let him return home. Saul made David a commander over the men of war not only because he was gifted but because he was intimidated by him. Sometimes man will try to control elevation but God will take you to the heights that He desires for you. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I know the plans I have for you, saith the Lord.” Elevation always comes with resistance and everyone does not reach where God wants them to be. Look at Mount Everest. We must learn to keep our eyes on the Lord and not on those around us. Saul was comfortable with David as long as he was where He (Saul) believed he should be.  Jesus was accepted as long as HE was doing what the people of the day thought he should be doing. As soon as he began doing things they did not agree with they turned on him.  In our own lives, often we only want to be elevated with the Lord where it is comfortable for us but the moment He creates discomfort within our inner man we don’t want that anymore or we attempt to abort or sabotage the mission. (ever been there)   A deeper understanding or searching for the Lord will cost us comfort; removing our traditions of who God is will cost us comfort; denying our sinful man will cost us comfort; changing our thinking and thought process (renewing the mind) will cost us comfort. But the reward is in the elevation!
  4. Elevation will always come from a spirit of humility.  Climbing Mount Everest takes patience and a calm, steady temperament because there are various factors that can effect making it to the top. I know that out of those 4,000 climbers that attempted to make it to the “Summit” some just gave up and turned around. However, the one that is able to keep his focus and his purpose ahead of him without losing sight made it.  Again referencing King David, who always was in a capacity to serve and never became too proud or anxious to be moved from where he was. Some people now cannot understand why you are where you are and it is truly because of the Almighty God that you serve. We can be elevated in the midst of adversity. There are many who God has placed his hand upon because of the humility or reverence that they have for the Savior. The resistance found in elevation can be such a rewarding experience to go through.  When you go through it with the right provisions and the right spirit. Ask the Lord to help you to look at the resistance found in elevation from His perspective and keep climbing.

Be Blessed

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