“The Greatest Rescue Team” Psalms 139:23-24

On Tuesday July 10, 2018 the world watched as an international team of rescuers safely extracted the two remaining members of the Moo Pa, or, wild boar soccer team from a flooded cave in Thailand.  It took 18 days to get the 12 boys along with their coach, out of the 2.5 mile cave where they had been trapped by torrential rains.

Thanks to the tenacious efforts of the Thai Navy SEALS and a band of British rescue divers – the young soccer team was rescued and extracted from the watery cave.  The world watched in awe as this great search was conducted successfully without any one of the players not making it out. However, there was a casualty, one of the SEALS, 38 year old Suman Gunan, lost his life while attempting to help the team.

The overall purpose of the search and rescue team is just that to seek out and bring to a better end. Oftentimes, search and rescue teams must go through some intense moments but they never lose sight of the goal of completing the mission of rescue.  You see they go out to find that which is lost- no matter what the circumstance or the reasoning. The example mentioned above was a water cave but oftentimes the odds are stacked against the rescue team, and even still, they are moved beyond themselves to go and rescue.  The end result is to lead to a better condition if they are allowed to perform as they are trained to do.

I am reminded of a loving Father who loves us and often goes to great feats to rescue those who have gone missing, not only searching for them but searching for those that appear to be unreachable.  Sometimes we all have found ourselves in a state of how did I get here. There is no way out but the Lord searches for us and desires to rescue us  in the midst of our unfortunate situations much like these young boys and coach in the cave created by their own doing.  The good news is friend that Christ does not concern himself with the motive of why we are lost but He just responds  with one mission to bring us to a better condition than where we are currently.

In this passage, David recognizes the omniscience  of God and how God has found him and not only found him -knows him.   He is a “searcher” for those things that are lost or broken and knows just how to lead us to a better place of freedom from that which entraps us. Don’t push away the greatest search and rescue team ever to be known to mankind- if they (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit) are on the mission – Victory is always the end result.

Be blessed

One thought on ““The Greatest Rescue Team” Psalms 139:23-24

  1. I enjoyed this piece. “The greatest search and rescue team ever” What a wonderful way to see our Triune God. I can certainly attest to being rescued! Thanks for a good read.


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